Dream Pools

The Northern California Contact Jam at Harbin Hot Springs is five days of being in a beautiful locale with wonderful people with dancing as the main activity day and night.

During these events we regularly hold “dream pools” where we sit in a circle and the participants put in their dreams and desires for the jam and for their lives in general.

At my eighteenth jam over New Years sixteen years ago, I put in the desire that I would like to see people dancing contact improvisation full out while nude. I thought, “Yep, that will never happen.”

As we danced out the old year, a dozen folks created a countdown score for the moments leading up to midnight. They each wore ten items of clothing and with every countdown – 10, 9, 8 etc. – stripped off one piece of clothing until at midnight they were fully nude. To the delight of everyone the dancers proceeded to have full out, wild contact dances.

My dream came to life!

I realized that night I had almost always received the desires I had spoken into the dream pools. I wondered why, with such a record of success, I had been speaking my minor league desires?

At the next dream pool I spoke my desire to meet the woman who would be my partner for life and the mother of my children. Within a year she appeared and the following year Liza attended the jam with me, pregnant with our son, Dylan.

As we contribute attention, sweat, and offerings to forming communities of contact dancers we become aware of these rare and precious moments for intention setting.

1 thought on “Dream Pools

  1. Holly

    I love being part of the contact community and appreciate the space it has offered me to grow as a dancer and to find a new sense of identity and community. As my identity and presence become more visible in my local contact community, my intentions become clearer and I find myself dreaming for more. My dream is that I will be able to attend intermediate and/or advanced classes that are accessible to me as a visually impaired dancer. My dream is that I won’t have to keep going to classes that are technical, fast and exciting and reach a point where I just can’t access the teaching and the learning. My dream is that I won’t spend the next ten years watching my sighted peers navigate their way accross the fast flowing river and find myself getting stuck because it all gets to fast and too busy and too visual. I find that I have to ask too many questions, to demand too much from the class and the teacher to be able to swim in that river and find my own way to the other side. I would like a dream river, a fast flowing, all inclusive, all consuming, ‘I just might drown’ river. I want the same feeling and sense of freedom in the dance and within the CI community, that I have experienced when skiing, bombing down a black run, navigating a mogul field with a skilled guide who describes the terrain so that I can enjoy the freedom and we can both enjoy the ride!

    I think this might be a bit leftfield but I wanted to share it. Thank you.


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