Great Instability Leads to Exhilarating Mobility

The dance teaches us that instability leads to mobility. And great instability leads to exhilarating mobility.

When a partner and I fall off balance together, when we each give up custody of our centers, we trust the flow of the dance to take us somewhere unpremeditated.

There are many approaches to transmitting contact improvisation. In this quest for the unpremeditated I like the question: can I trust myself to accept instability, even great instability in my teaching?


I have three secret teaching scores (that I’m aware of). These unspoken scores inform my choices, the quality of the interactions, and the style of my teaching.

One is that I am cultivating my students as future teachers of the form. This raises my curiosity, respect and expectations of the people I work with. It makes me attentive to the potential for how they are going to inform and enlighten me in the process.

Another secret score is that I am working to increase my student’s capacity for inhabiting the unresolved moments. Those moments when we don’t rush to plan a resolution to the moment. Like in making love how do we hang out at the apex without planning the outcome.

The third subterranean score is that I’m expanding their capacity for pleasure … in all its meanings.

What are your secret scores?

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