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Embers in the Heart

Any time we risk really hearing someone, letting who they truly are   dance against the intimate core of our being, what we give that person
is the gift of themselves. When the space in us is an invitation,
we find things around us answering by coming alive. It is in the nature
of things that a beautiful opening inspires us to find something
of equal beauty to put within it.

— “The Creative Imperative” Charles Johnston

An old African proverb says, “When one flower opens, dozens open.”

There is a moment during a class when everything changes. Continue reading

Dream Pools

The Northern California Contact Jam at Harbin Hot Springs is five days of being in a beautiful locale with wonderful people with dancing as the main activity day and night.

During these events we regularly hold “dream pools” where we sit in a circle and the participants put in their dreams and desires for the jam and for their lives in Continue reading