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Conversation with Nancy Stark Smith

By some mystery, by some small miracle, by some technological blip in the space time continuum, without Nancy knowing, without me knowing, our second to last skype was recorded in full, all 1 1/2 hours of it.

I found the file after she died when I was searching in my computer for everything Nancy related. Because she was such a private person, I put together only the gems that I feel she would have been happy to have shared with everyone.

Music at Jams

Many years ago I put out the call for words of advice for musicians at jams. This is one of the best writings to come back. I’m afraid I don’t remember who wrote it. (If you wrote it please let me know so I can give you credit)

Improvised Music at Contact Improvisation Jams

Yes, I am a contact improvisation dancer and a musician. The keyword here is “sensitivity“. Continue reading

Old Growth: A Meditation on Dancing and Aging

I used to roar into the dance studio and begin by jumping off the walls – becoming sweaty and energetic and frothy. Then I would slow down and shift into sensation. Now, as I’m in my 50’s, I slide into the studio and start slow, steeping in the ale and gradually working up to the froth.

The words “young” and “old” have never made sense to me. But I appreciate now the notion of aging, of time passing and changes in the body and outlook. Continue reading

What are the Qualities of an Advanced Contact Improvisation Dancer? Part one

Recently some of the organizers of my “advanced” workshops have turned away students for not having enough of the fundamentals of C.I. to join the group.

In Barcelona this past July the organizers and I asked two people to not continue because we didn’t feel Continue reading