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Purpose of These Writings

I watched two contemporary dance teachers peering through a small window in a door in a large dance complex. Through that window they were observing a contact improvisation class. The students were sitting in a circle articulating their experiences with the previous dance.

One of the teachers said to the other: “I can’t believe they are…


Open Source Dancing

In the world of computers there is a revolution happening called open source programming. A piece of software is written and then anybody who wants to can improve the



A Study: Observing Contact Improvisation: 3 Duets (Video)

At the 2nd Annual Contact Festival Vienna there were moments during the festival where dancers could “share their practice.”

Leilani Weis, Sabine Parzer, and I did a score to draw attention to the act of observing contact improvisation. Below is the video with the


Want advice from The Dancing Fool?

00-dancing-fool11Something irritating you about contact improvisation? Want advice from The Dancing Fool? Soon this blog will include an advice section for investigators and teachers of C.I.

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Thinking Good Thoughts is Not Enough

Mahatma Gandhi never said these words: “you must be the change you want to see in the world.

Many people speak this phrase with great authority. Now when I hear it, I’m hearing them say,


Humble Brag Ahead

It feels good to make a difference.

Last week I facilitated a Contact Improvisation workshop with 22 of Colombia’s foremost dance teachers, choreographers and dance academics, by invitation of the Ministry of Culture.

This was one of the biggest challenges of my 34 years of teaching. These were Colombia’s most